Walk softly and carry a loving backbone.
The Mission

It's your backbone that lets you stand up and walk tall.

Your backbone sends a message and now with our contemporary line of shirts That speak to your core values you can wear that message on your back and front.

How it Started

My name is Labe Kagan.

On Friday Aug. 18 I turn 74 and that is also the official release of this BackBone site. This is labour of love. I originally created these shirts as messages to myself.

I needed daily reminders that I could no longer be a doormat and it was time to stand up for myself. This led to a process of self discovery and a line of T-shirts.

To me a T-shirt should have a good message but more important – it’s got to look good. Ryan Payne proved the gifted designer to provide the cohesive brand look that balances tough and tender.

I really hope it resonates with you. Its my intention that the profits will be donated to CSL – Creativity Saves Lives. A Community based charity that supports people finding themselves through creativity.

Stand Up For Love For One And All! Your Beliefs! Those Who Can't! Truth! Justice! Democracy! Equality! The Environment! The Alphabet!

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